Sessionless, It’s a State of Mind

A few weeks ago, we met with software developers to offer them advice on using our Sabre APIs (Sabre Web Services) in their application. While reviewing how to access travel content, my teammate, Gonzalo Jorge, mentioned using


Searching for the best Air offers with the Bargain Finder Max API

We offer an API called Bargain Finder Max. It’s a highly capable service empowering software developers to access Sabre’s advanced air shopping product to find


3 Big API Trends: My Nordic API Summit Trip Report

I attended the Nordic API Summit in Austin this June. It was focused on a cool tech topic that we considered over a few hot Texas Summer days. We gathered together at the Palmer Events Center to escape the heat while exchanging best-practices and pro-tips regarding everything about APIs. API stands for application programming interface. I refer to them as the digital tools that programmers use when building their applications. If your company does something […]

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