5 Minutes to Reimagine the Business of Travel

by Tracy Edes

Krakow Technology Park, Poland

Sabre Krakow employees will participate in an epic battle of ideas and innovation.

Well, if we are being transparent, reimaging the business of travel requires more than five minutes. For many Sabre employees, we think about travel, technology, and innovation 24/7/365. But for the upcoming Sabre Krakow Hackathon, teams will only get 5 minutes to present their idea to an esteemed panel of judges.

The Sabre Krakow Hackathon is an internal team event, taking place in Krakow, Poland on October 17-18, 2018. Teams will have 24-hours to develop an idea, collaborate with cross-functional, and cross-business unit teams of developers, product managers, business analysts, and UX professional to solve a travel-related problem. The main theme is Reimagine Travel with the goal of building solutions that help travelers quickly discover their dream offers – an offer that meets the imagined criteria of that particular traveler. Criteria that a traveler may take into consideration when selecting a particular offer, for example, schedule, layover, how often is the flight delayed or canceled, frequent traveler awarded mileage, aircraft equipment, price, preferred carrier, available seats, etc. And did we mention, they only 5 minutes to share their idea’s elevator pitch?

Sabre employees will step outside their day to day roles to promote creative thinking in an epic battle of ideas and technology innovation. Product development ideas may include the use of new services, as well as other innovation like artificial intelligence for example. A big part of the judging criteria will include an evaluation of the business case, use of Sabre APIs, alignment with the goals of the event, how well does it meet market needs, overall pitch, and how it utilizes current tech trends.

Yes, believe it or not, developers and product managers are passionate about staying awake for 24-hours straight to work on solving business problems for a dynamic and complex travel ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to step outside the routine of their respective jobs to share, learn and innovate while embracing our company culture and promotion of our core values. And if you’re wondering, it will surely be filled with great snacks, tons of caffeine, swag, and prizes!

We aren’t the only ones excited about the Hackathon. We are pleased to announce Red Hat Software as our first Platinum level sponsor. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, we’d love to have your support! Please contact Pawel Mrozicki for sponsorship opportunities related to this event.