Better Development starts with Better Documentation

by Ryan Gonzalez

We’re approaching API documentation in a whole new way.

We’ve listened to your feedback. We’ve looked at the gaps in our API documentation, comparing ourselves to best-in-class examples, and are determined to work long and hard on how we can make it easier for you to develop efficiently. Starting with our Car Availability API.

What changed?

A focus on detail
Our documentation now provides a better look into an API; not just how it works, but how it works for you.

Expanded code examples
Example code has been expanded to cover all types of requests within a single API. For example, a request to Car Availability may be for a quote, or a shop.

Navigation between API details is now faster with the addition of quick link headers and embedded anchors.

Element definitions and matrices
Additional XML element definitions and code matrix pages have been added to provide even greater depth to our documentation.

Take the guesswork out of our code using the new “Elements” page. Each element, attribute, and child element is now accompanied by full descriptions, all on one page, and formatted for ease of use. Ctrl+f to find the code description you need or use XPath to drill down.

When making calls to Car APIs, special vehicle codes or Car Extra codes may be required. This page lists all possible mix-and-match code combinations, and any guidelines or restrictions surrounding specific code combinations. Requesting a specific vehicle has never been easier.

Check out the changes for yourself here.

Make us even better.

We’re taking steps to improve all our documentation beyond Sabre Cars, but we need your help. Let us know how we can make things better by giving us feedback. Use the feedback widget on the bottom right-hand side of the API info and documentation pages.

About Ryan Gonzalez

Ryan Gonzalez is a Senior Technical Writer with years of experience writing documentation ranging from Policies to Developer References. He believes that great development starts with great documentation, and with the help of several development teams, champions this standard across Sabre. In his spare time, Ryan pursues his hobbies of writing fiction and powerlifting.