Making the Difficult, Simple(r) Workshop at the Austin API Summit June 11-13, 2018

by Tracy Edes

If there is one thing we love talking about, it’s technology. And even more specifically, the importance of putting the developer experience at the heart of your API product development and decision making.

Join us at the Austin API Summit 2018 hosted by Nordic APIs for the Making the Difficult, Simple(r) workshop on Tuesday, June 12. Sabre’s Julian Macagno, Director of Product Management & Developer Experience, and Ken Tabor, Principal Software Architect will share insights on the do’s and don’ts of building a successful API strategy for the large-scale enterprise. They’ll also deliver ideas for successful ways of talking about APIs as a product.

The Austin API Summit is a two and a half-day event jam-packed with workshops and critical insights on building success in the API ecosystem. If you are new to Nordic APIs events, you’ll be happy to find a high-standard API conference with carefully curated speakers.

If you’re attending, be sure to connect with Julian and Ken.


About the presenters

Julian Macagno is a technology professional with over 16 years’ experience in the travel technology industry-defining and developing large-scale solutions requiring the integration of multiple applications and technology platforms. He has both a strong love for product management and a passion for the user and developer experience. Learn more

Ken Tabor is a veteran programmer with years of experience developing websites, mobile apps, and video games. He shares his enthusiasm for technology as a writer, teacher, and frequent speaker at conferences including South by Southwest, DevNexus, and Big Design. Learn more


A little bit about Nordic APIs and the Austin API Summit

In 2013, Nordic APIs was formed to help organizations become more innovative, lean, and efficient. Since then, Nordic APIs has grown into one of only a few all-API-related event series held anywhere in the world, and it’s the Nordics largest international community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. Learn more