4 Ways the New Sabre Red Workspace SDK 3.3 Will Boost Your Agency’s Efficiency

by Abby Messier

If you had a chance to check out our latest blog post, you may have learned that travel industry technology has come a long way as more competitors enter the marketplace, traveler demands continue to grow, and new efficiencies are needed to keep up. Sabre’s been on the forefront of these technological advances by introducing solutions such as the easy to use new Sabre Red Workspace.

Today, we’re taking that one step further.

Introducing Sabre Red Workspace SDK 3.3, Sabre’s new devkit giving you tools to build your agency’s own Red Apps including new private widgets and forms for deeper integration into the new Sabre Red Workspace shopping workflow. This means quick and easy access to more content, information, and efficiency tools, saving your agency time and money. Agents can now do all their travel shopping and booking in one convenient location. Now that’s efficiency.

Have we peaked your curiosity yet? Check out four ways the new Sabre Red Workspace SDK 3.3 can enable new opportunities and offer services beyond your competitors today.

  1. Inform the Shopping Response for Smarter, Faster Shopping

Go beyond new Sabre Red Workspace’s own Fare Trends, Alternate Airports, and Travel Seasonality widgets. Unleash your creativity and create new widgets that provide insights to inform agents after they have conducted a search right at the top of the workflow within the Decision Support Bar. Whether a weather prediction widget or a C02 emission calculator to help determine the best fare for our eco-friendly travelers out there, access new components to develop the best widgets needed to turn your agents into experts. This valuable real estate within the new Sabre Red Workspace is yours to customize fit your agency’s needs.

Taking a step further down into the workflow after an agent has selected a travel option, the Panel is intended to provide in-line shopping data to inform even further. Today we offer standard Panel Widgets with information about specific seat maps, imagery, and Routehappy ratings in new Sabre Red Workspace. Now you can customize this area and integrate your own or third-party travel insights, enabling your agents to meet customer needs without wasting time researching outside the workspace.

  1. Upselling Opportunities to Get the Extra Revenue You Need

Not only can Panel Widgets give details about particular travel options, but they can also be placed deeper into the workflow after a segment has been selected for a traveler. Creating opportunities for upselling these Panel Widgets are a great way for agencies to produce new revenue streams and differentiate offerings beyond what might be offered within the standard workspace today.

  1. Top of Workflow, Top of Mind

Bring complex external workflows into the workspace through Sabre’s new forms accessible at any point within the workflow, right at the top of the search. Easily pull in information such as back-office data and let Sabre’s automation do the heavy lifting. Receive automatic responses back based on specified parameters set by the agent in the form.



  1. Not So “Human” Tasks

Need an automated way to trigger human tasks such as reminding a travel agent to ask their traveler about hotel accommodations after booking an air segment? How about a notification for selling an extra bag or offering early boarding? Look no further. What used to require manual reminders and checks for completion, the “Human Task” is enabled by workflow extensions designed to help contribute to predefined workflows such as entering in the account and contract codes before shopping or including mandatory remarks before ending a PNR. Human Tasks require agents to modify, add or validate additional information before advancing in the workflow, ensuring quality control with ease.

Today’s traveler has more options to book and plan travel than ever before. Because of this, agencies are tasked with having to evolve into travel experts who offer exceptional customer service, while also having to be efficient and productive. Though this may not sound like an easy task, Sabre’s new devkit can offer solutions to help. Check back in to download the new Sabre Red Workspace SDK 3.3 on February 8.

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