Getting Started in Travel: The B2B Edition

by Tessa Schoenhals

Last week we explored how new B2C business ventures get started in the travel industry. Today, we’ll delve into the other side of the equation: if you’re a travel provider in the Business to Business (B2B) space, meaning travel agencies or corporations are the primary users of your solution, what steps do you need to take to get started in the travel industry?

As a travel solution provider, you can take several paths to consume Sabre APIs and developer tools.

You can become a Sabre Authorized Developer

We currently have relationships with an elite group of third -party developers around the world who provide software services that harness the power of Sabre’s developer tools and capabilities. These developers are a part of the Sabre Authorized Developer Program and resell their solutions to Sabre Connected travel agencies worldwide.

Sabre Authorized Developers provide a broad set of solutions to their agency customers from leisure booking engines to travel security solutions to mid office automation tools and more. A few of our current partners are listed below:

A limited number of new Sabre Authorized Developer applicants are accepted based upon how your proposed technology complements our existing products and how your solution fits with Sabre’s strategic direction.

If you’re interested in hearing directly from our Authorized Developer team about the application process, please fill out a questionnaire here. You can also read more about our current partners by visiting the Sabre Authorized Developer Directory.

You can become a Red App Certified Developer

Sabre Red Apps are optional, authorized applications that extend the capabilities of our travel agent point-of-sale tool, Sabre Red Workspace. In short, they plug into and become part of the workspace, so a travel agent can seamlessly perform workflows without having to leave his or her desktop.

The Sabre Red App Centre is our online B2B travel applications marketplace. It is the place for travel agency owners to shop, select and purchase Red Apps created by Sabre and third-party Red App Certified Developers. Third-party developers are able to leverage the Sabre Red Workspace Developer Toolkit to build unique applications that run optimally in the workspace and provide valuable functionality to travel agents.

There are over 100 Red Apps available for download today – everything from booking event tickets to yacht reservations and apartment rentals. A few apps are highlighted below, and you can learn more about our full suite of applications here:

If you’re interested in becoming a Red App Certified Developer, please fill out an application.

Want the full scope of how to get started in both B2B and B2C travel? We’ve got a guide that tells you how to get started in the travel industry.

About Tessa Schoenhals

Tessa Schoenhals is a management consultant on Sabre's Global Consulting team. She's also contributed to the New Business Ventures, Contract & Sales Management, and Product Marketing divisions at Sabre. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in International Business.

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