FareNabber has Launched: We’ve just made finding the right fare smarter

by Adam Tworkiewicz


Inspired by search based shopping trends and the advances in technology, Sabre set out to solve the desire for smarter travel technology. With the consumer in mind and a commitment to providing ease in developer solution implementation, Sabre has launched the FareNabber API. FareNabber will now enable developers to find their customers’ perfect flight using automated search. Provide your travelers more relevant flight options, encouraging supplementary travel opportunity and triggering additional trips booked.

How it Works

FareNabber is a subscription based air shopping API service that will automatically search and identify flight options based on custom preferences. Using the customizable interface, set specific search parameters and let FareNabber do the work.

Define Traveler Specific Search Criteria- Customization can be as narrow or broad as needed to meet the traveler’s needs.

Submit the Search Subscription– FareNabber will look for prices options to match the identified criteria

Receive an Automated Notification– once a match is found, FareNabber will push an automatic notification

Purchase Decision– once the traveler accepts the offer, issue the ticket within your agency’s current workflow.

How FareNabber can Work for You

Corporate Client:

Company Beta has random monthly code inspections, sending inspectors all over the country. With these inspections, a list of locations to visit for the next couple of months is generated creating a need for efficient travel planning. Using FareNabber, you can set up search parameters including destination, day of week and fare max to identify the best time to fly and secure the cheapest fare options for upcoming travel. Notifications once the optional itinerary are identified will be sent, enabling easy and efficient travel booking.

Leisure Client:

Your customer is looking to take their family on a historical getaway- something fun for the family but educational over their holiday break. FareNabber enables you to set alerts to their desired destination with parameters such as multiple passenger, passenger type and date range to find the best holiday travel solution for the family. Quickly book the itinerary once FareNabber sends a notification with the best fare option, and everyone will be on their way.


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