Bargain Finder Max News Update: Multiple Fares Per Itinerary

by Adam Tworkiewicz

Multiple Fares Per Itinerary-BFM

As many of you may know, we’ve recently made great enhancements to Multiple Fares Per Itinerary. If you’re using our Bargain Finder Max – Shop Across Passenger Type API, you’ll find both of these new features quite useful.

Multiple Passenger Types

You can now add up to 4 passenger types in the Multiple Fares Per Itinerary fare group instead of 1. Broadening the number of passenger types adds more flexibility and a broader set of fares to compare.

Sample Request

Specify Max Penalty

The other important feature that we added is the possibility to specify max penalty in Multiple Fares Per Itinerary. You can now search for refundable or changeable fares, and even filter flights by fare flexibility. This allows you to quickly search, filter and compare fare options!

Sample Request

NOTE: For those of you using Bargain Finder Max Shop Across Passenger Type, we encourage you to read more about Multiple Fares Per Itinerary within Bargain Finder Max. More options with enjoying the benefits of shopping across passenger types!

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