Confidently Quoting Baggage Fees with Bargain Finder Max

by Adam Tworkiewicz

As noted our previous blog “What’s in your bag?” we continue to improve our Bargain Finder Max capabilities, bringing easy access and transparency to baggage information in the air shopping process. 

Currently, to obtain baggage charges you must look in a variety of places to get a holistic view of what carriers are charging for bag fees. This causes a lot of extra time and work to determine what the expected price of baggage will be for the traveler.

With this new enhancement we are adding a new parameter in the request to return baggage charges in the Bargain Finder Max response, allowing you to quickly and confidently quote baggage fees for your traveler.

Sample Request – type C returns allowances + charges + description

Sample Request – type A returns allowances + description

Sample Request – Type N no return/omit baggage information

Bargain Finder Max is available in REST or SOAP. For more information about this enhancement please go to Release Notes and the Developer Administration Guide for Bargain Finder Max.


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