5 Data-Driven Widgets Pioneering Insight Onto the Decision Support Bar

by Katlynne Dahan

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With technology rapidly changing, information is now more accessible to travelers like never before. Travelers can act as their own travel consultant, go online and book. With Sabre’s latest product, the new Sabre Red Workspace, professional travel consultants will now be able to access information that travelers aren’t privy to…right within their workflow. Sabre’s new decision-support tools empower consultants to create experiences, not just itineraries. The insights that travel consultants gain allow them to provide instant, data-driven feedback throughout the decision process.

The new Sabre Red Workspace is a flexible user interface platform for travel consultants to access the Sabre reservations system (including access to 3rd party apps/widgets written by Sabre authorized developers). The Workspace is a robust, modular platform designed to enable continuous innovation providing stability, speed, and performance.  This new product simplifies travel complexity by introducing intuitive features such as interactive modals to perform advanced actions and the panel used to navigate to the next step.

New third party features will soon be integrated within the platform. All eyes are currently on the Decision Support Bar, home to five widgets.

The Decision Support Bar

The Decision Support Bar is the most visible decision-support tool the new Sabre Red Workspace integrates, making the tool quite the prime real-estate.

Upon a completed Low Fare Shopping search, the decision support bar’s widgets will automatically populate, providing immediate data-driven insights directly to the fingertips of travel consultants. The data-driven tool continues to reduce the complexity of the travel industry. The Decision Support Bar will have the following five widgets integrated upon the product’s rollout: fare trend, travel seasonality, alternate dates, fare range, and alternate airports.

 Decision Support Bar SRW

What is a widget?

The physical coding, from a development standpoint is relatively identical to that of Red Apps. The difference is what they offer. If we look at Red Apps, they provide solutions for particular needs of the agent. Widgets on the other hand, will either provide data-driven insights (located on the decision support bar), or will provide additional information that advance the travel consultant’s workflow (on the panel). While the Decision Support Bar appears at the top of the search results, the panel opens up below every search result.

Sabre’s pioneered five widgets on the Decision Support Bar:

Fare Trends

Fare Trends widget enables travel consultants to view the lead fare data for the past 14 published days of a selected city pair. The widget presents a red line to indicate the trend direction.

“The price trend appears to steadily increase, I would recommend you book within the next few days.”

Fare Trends

The past fourteen lead published fares per given date/city pair are extracted from the Low Fare History API.

HTTP method and endpoint

GET /v1/historical/shop/flights/fares

Travel Seasonality

Travel Seasonality provides insights revealing the levels of inventory of the past year during each specific week. Every week is represented in the widget, enabling consultants to reshop if they find a more desirable week. This is great for a flexible traveler.

“Let’s reshop the week before, since the travel volume is lower”


For a given destination, the Travel Seasonality API returns the travel inventory for each week of the year. Booking data is retrieved to calculate the travel volume. This looks at the individual airport or a multi-airport city code. Low, medium, and high inventory levels will then be reflected in the widget’s window.

HTTP method and endpoint

GET /v1/historical/flights/{destination}/seasonality

Alternate Dates

The Alternate Dates widget opens to a pricing matrix. Travel consultants are able to look at +/-3 dates of the current departure and arrival dates in order to view the lowest fares available. If their traveler has the flexibility or is price conscious, the travel consultant will have the ability to reshop the lower fare.

“You will save $10 if you are able to depart two days later and return two days earlier.”

Alternate Dates

The Alternate Date Resources return more itinerary options date and price specific.

Fare Range

Fare range indicates how the base fare of the current air segments compares to other ticketed fares. This increases the traveler’s confidence in the route they select.

“This fare is slightly above the median that other travelers have purchased”

Fare Range

The widget collects the Fare Range API’s response. This graphically indicates the highest, median, and lowest published fares ticketed via the Sabre GDS. All points of sale in every country are accounted for.

HTTP method and endpoint

GET https://api.sabre.com/v1/historical/flights/fares?origin=SFO&destination=DFW&earliestdeparturedate=2015-04-20&latestdeparturedate=2015-04-22&lengthofstay=3 HTTP/1.1

Alternate Airports

With the alternate airports widget, travel agents can locate multiple airports within a certain radius. The map is interactive enabling users to zoom in, out, grab the screen to move around, and reshop the alternate airport directly within the widget.

“I can rebook your flight through Waco, this will save you 2.5 hours of driving time.”

Alternate Airports

Bargain finder max resources populates the Alternative Airports widget.

Time to Get Brewing

Think you have an idea for a widget that’ll provide insight? As you can see we have additional valuable real estate on the Decision Support Bar. Explore Sabre’s New Sabre Red Workspace & API portfolio and let us know about your Widget ideas.

The Concept

Read all about this concept and how you can bring your idea to within our Innovation Hub. There, you’ll find even more information about the Decision Support Bar.

You’ll also need to take a look at the complete list of SOAP/REST APIs and their corresponding documentation. For the latest documentation for our Red Apps, be sure to read the Red Apps SDK Documentation (You’ll need your credentials!)


About Katlynne Dahan

Katlynne is a product marketing associate at Sabre. As part of the New Graduate Leadership Program, she has contributed to the Point of Sale Marketing team. She graduated from TCU with a degree in marketing.

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