Bargain Finder Max enhances cabin logic when used in Multiple Fares Per Itinerary

by Adam Tworkiewicz

Multiple Fares Per Itinerary is a key capability within Bargain Finder Max which allows you to compare in an easy and fast way different fares, offering a variety of options for a given itinerary to best meet the traveler’s needs.

With this enhancement you are now able to specify which Jump Cabin Logic you want to apply in each Multiple Fares per Itinerary group. It allows you to combine both the exclude Jump cabin and keep same cabin optional parameters in the request. If neither option are added to the multiple fares per itinerary group, by default the existing cabin logic will apply.

Sample Request: Disable Jump Cabin

Sample Request: Keep Same Cabin

To check out more about these new features, read our BFM SOAP documentation on Dev Studio.

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