Join us for Destination Hack: Singapore

by Adam Tworkiewicz


Come join us in Singapore this year for Destination Hack

To say we’re excited about this year’s Sabre Global hackathon would be an understatement. Destination Hack takes place in Singapore on October 14 -1 6 at Impact Hub. As a leader of travel technology, one of the things we enjoy most about our global hackathon series is that we get to see just how creative developers across the world can be when given just over 24 hours to create new technology from the ground up. Hackathons are thrilling in that regard, because it’s a chance to see teams breakout and just reinvigorate the whole travel technology spectrum. During the event, some of the globe’s brightest developers, marketers and entrepreneurs get together with one common goal in mind: to see how they can reinvent travel. Of course, this could be a variety of ways: mobile app, webapp, chatbot, VR/AR…the possibilities are endless.

Even better, the winners will be awarded $10,000 USD and will be able to showcase their creation the following day at the Web in Travel Conference! This is such an awesome opportunity for you to get your project out there for the world to see. Of course, there’s so much more. Ready to get your foot in the door? Register to attend!

If you can’t make it to Singapore, there’s also a virtual component available this year. However, this exclusive invite is only open to a certain number of teams across the globe, so if you’re looking to participate virtually there’s still an option to do so. There’s plenty of challenges, including building widgets for the New Sabre Red Workspace.

What to expect

  • Registration and Happy Hour (October 14 – stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this!)
  • Plenty of hacking from the globe’s brightest and best (October 15 – 16)
  • Some awesome challenge prizes (in addition to that grand prize)
  • Networking with various industry pros like yourself
  • Exposure to various companies, including Sabre and our partners
  • An executive judging panel, including leadership from Sabre, CTrip and DHISCO
  • Snacks, meals and beverages (can’t have everyone coding while “hangry,” after all)

Who are some of the Sponsors and Partners?

We’re still adding to our list of sponsors and partners, but we’ve got a pretty great list of people so far, offering some excellent prizes. As mentioned, we’ve partnered with Web in Travel, and the grand prize winners get to display their application during the breakout sessions of the conference. There’s Sponsors such as GIATA, who have offered a weekend for 2 in Bangkok, plus some spending cash on the side. (Be sure to check them out. They’re one of our partners, and offer provides the world’s largest hotel content database including pictures, descriptions and fact sheets for OTAs and travel agencies). We’ve also got great prize packs and cash awards from Sabre Labs and Tripcase.

So what are you waiting for?

Last year’s hackathon in London was a huge success. There were almost 40 applications created, and they were beyond fantastic. Of course, we’re looking to expand on that this year, so we’re calling on you to create the next big thing in travel technology. That’s right, we’re confident you and your team can push the boundaries of the latest and greatest. It could be a mobile app, a chatbot, virtual reality, a new voice interface…the idea and technologies used are purely up to you. Believe us, we’re looking forward to it!

Coming from out of town? Here’s a list of recommended hotels and their corresponding reservation forms to send in to the hotel:

Can’t wait to see you in Singapore this year! We’re not only looking forward to the future, but we’re also leading the pack of what’s possible now. Our global hackathon is a perfect example of that and it’s a brilliant way for you to showcase your talents and win some big prizes! See you this year at #DestinationHack Singapore!

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