Bargain Finder Max Results Optimization Keeps Getting Better

by Adam Tworkiewicz


Over time, the need to further diversify results has become more of a demand. That’s one of the reasons why Sabre is extending its Bargain Finder Max capabilities by introducing new multi-dimensional controls to further diversify and customize results based on your customer preferences.

The new diversity model introduces key filtering to refine results even more!

New capabilities include:

  • Ability to define the total number of options returned in the “low fare bucket” and per diversity option.
  • Ability to influence the diversity of the options returned by introducing new “dimension parameters” at the request level:
    • Travel time
    • Carrier diversity
    • Operating duplicate
    • Inbound outbound pairing
    • Time of day distribution
    • Non-stop flights
  • Ability to set preference level for each of the parameters by introducing weight attributes. The weight of each parameter can be any number from “0” to “10”.
  • New response attribute, “Weighed Price Amount”, which provides information on the score applied to a specific itinerary during the diversity process.

You can continue to benefit from our customize settings in Bargain Finder Max, or you can introduce one or more of this new options for a more targeted response!

Be sure to check out Sabre Dev Studio to Learn more about Bargain Finder Max: New Diversity Model.

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