Multiple Fares Per Itinerary: Enhance Processing of Negotiated Fares

by Adam Tworkiewicz

Multiple Fares Per Itineary_Blog

Nowadays there more travelers which are not necessarily looking to find the cheapest available fare, but are more interested in buying the best fare to meet their travel needs and having options to choose from. How can you simplify that search for your customer? Multiple Fares Per Itinerary is a key capability within Sabre’s Bargain Finder Max, to compare multiple fares with different rules. This helps you bring a variety of fare options while including different search parameters for a more targeted response.

One of the latest enhancements for Multiple Fare Per Itinerary further simplifies the way we process corporate IDs and/or Account Codes, to ensure you are getting the best options returned. The new default logic only has to apply to at least one segment in the itinerary, not all.  If you still want that logic to apply to all segments, we have you covered, all you need to do is specify in the query.

Some of the benefits you experience when using MFPI are:

  • Additional customization capability.
  • More low-fare options and cross-sell/up sell opportunities.
  • Gained efficiencies (for example, one call versus multiple calls).
  • Enhanced flexibility.

Multiple Fares Per Itinerary enables the ability to define and search multiple fare attributes per group.  The response includes applicable fares per your defined group. As a reminder,  the parameters you can apply in the MFPI search are:

  • Fares without restrictions
  • Exclude fares with advance purchase
  • Exclude fares with penalty
  • Exclude fares with min/max stay
  • Passenger Type Code
  • Cabin
  • Account ID/Corporate ID
  • Public Fare
  • Private Fare

To check out more about this new features go to our help page for MFPI on Dev Studio. Keep connected as you will hear more good news about Multiple Fares Per Itinerary/Bargain Finder Max enhancements!

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