Enhanced Air Book API: Air Booking Made Easy!

by Adam Tworkiewicz

Enhanced Air Book API

How would you feel if you want to buy the flight of your choice, but at the moment of booking, that itinerary is no longer available? And on top of that, what if you have to start the search process all over again? Sabre has added two new features that will help you mitigate that issue for your customers and make the booking process easier. These preferences include a new automatic retry rebook option and a new halt on non–acceptable price option.

New automatic retry rebook option

When you attempt to sell a flight via the Enhanced Air Book API, if a failure occurs, you may or may not have created your own retry logic process. In either case this enhancement will simplify your booking workflow. If there are any unconfirmed air segments in an itinerary, the new rebook retry feature will automatically rebook all the air segments in the request to the next available class.

Sample Request:

New halt on non-acceptable price option

Prices may change from the moment you shop to the moment you book. To avoid any churns during the booking process, you can use this new option to specify whether the service should stop when the actual price is greater than the “amount specified” (via a percentage or dollar amount increase)

Sample Request:

We invite you to try out these new features to simplify your air booking process!
May 24, 2016, version release 3.6.0 for EnhancedAirBookRQ.

2 thoughts on “Enhanced Air Book API: Air Booking Made Easy!”

  1. Mau says:

    The code snippets don’t match the documentation, I added some remarks in the original gist: https://gist.github.com/CApaliski/dc29dd3c82c61a12c15fa1338587d35a#file-gistfile1-txt

    1. Chris Apaliski says:

      Should be updated. Thanks for the comment on both here and GitHub. Appreciate you!

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