Competitive Fares and Beyond: Group Management Tool


Competitive Air Fares Sabre Group Management Tool

A great way to generate revenue and get the best fares for your customers´ trips is by having group bookings. With the Group Management Tool (GMT), you can manage the agreements that you have with different airlines and provide competitive solutions to your end customers. Group Bookings allow you to get better fares with carriers and control the space you have available to sell on a particular flight.

If you are a traditional agency, this allows you to have a new point of sale for your group bookings, enabling you to create a great online customer experience. And if you are a Web Service customer, this gives you a new product to be offer as part as your portfolio. In any case, this enhancement streamlines your workflow.

Therefore, the Group Management Tool enables you to do everything at once, resulting in the best way to improve your user experience. With this enhancement you can complete your booking without the need to go from one Point of Sale to the other as everything can be done through the new and enhanced services.

The new GMTQueryRQ service allows you to request information on all the Block Space Bookings you have for a particular city pair. Simply select the cities that you want and get all the information on the bookings such as Group Management Record (GMR) locator, spaces booked, spaces available, etc.



MEX – departure city you are looking for

TIJ –arrival city you are looking for

2016-02-23 – Date of travel for the particular segment

NOTE: You can request several different GMRs at the moment of creating the booking. Therefore, you can combine as when booking GMR on green screen.


In this case, there is one GMR available for the itinerary MEXTIJ. The response will contain the following information:

  • Carrier
  • Flight number
  • Date of travel
  • Booking code
  • Spaces blocked originally
  • Spaces already sold
  • Spaces available
  • Date to start selling the seats
  • Date when seats would be reduced on the GMR if not sell
  • Amount of seats to be reduced
  • GMR expiration date
  • GMR deposit date
  • GMR locator
  • GMR Status

Once you have your GMR selected, the booking process is the same as with other reservations, you need to call UpdateReservationRQ to sell GMR spaces. This service will interact with the GMR and update the spaces booked/available automatically. Now you can complete the booking as you regularly do, without the need to change to green screen to do any further steps.


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