Improving Shopping Workflow: New Bargain Finder Max Enhancements


Efficiency is key to narrowing down air travel options and communicating the detail to the traveler. Three new enhancements for Bargain Finder Max, including optional parameters and new response elements, aim to improve the shopping workflow.

More Fare Content Drives Simpler Workflow

Previously, Sabre’s Florencia Couto provided a deep dive into the Structured Fare Rules API. Typical workflow required you to call Bargain Finder Max to gather pricing and fare information to then feed into the Structure Fare Rules service. With this newest enhancement, the Bargain Finder Max Service will introduce additional pricing detail in the air shopping response to make subsequent fare rule queries easier. Prior to this enhancement, mapping the correct fare basis code to the correct origin and destination could prove challenging. Fare rule details upfront increase workflow ease and clearly map the fare component and directionality of the fare data to the applicable fare basis codes.

Example response in OTA XML with new elements:

Example display on OTA site: Example OTA Display Exclude via Country Another workflow efficiency within Bargain Finder Max is a new parameter in the request that will exclude all airports within a given country. Many agencies have carrier agreements for which they are not allowed to connect via specific countries. Prior to this enhancement, you would have to know all airports in a given country and specify each airport in the request. Exclude via Country can increase the workflow ease with a quick and simple optional parameter. You can see more applicable options and eliminate unwanted options in the results.

Be sure to check out Sabre Dev Studio to learn more about Bargain Finder Max, workflows, and other advanced search capabilities.

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