Sabre Dev Studio at SXSW and The Berg-Hansen Hackathon

by Adam Tworkiewicz


Things are busy within the Sabre Dev Studio camp this coming week. In fact, we’ll be on two different continents interacting with some of the world’s brightest people! We’ll be at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas on March 11-16 and The Berg Hansen Hackathon in Oslo, Norway on March 11-12! Below is a little more info on both events and where you can expect to find us.

SXSW Interactive, March 11 – 16. Austin, Texas.

As one of the world’s premier tech conferences, SXSW Interactive needs no introduction. It’s been home to some of tech’s brightest ideas and top trends. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Sabre Dev Studio would make an appearance there. Our open developer platform features all the tools developers need to succeed, and there’s over 1.5 billion transactions processed through our APIs per day at peak times.

You can catch Sabre Dev Studio at stand 441 in the 2016 SXSW trade show hall. While there, we’ll be demoing Sabre Dev Studio for all to see. Trade show attendees will get a glimpse into different areas of our open developer platform, including insight into our complete API portfolio, our wide variety of developer resources (including sample code, a demo gallery and more) and instant access to our sandbox environment.

For those particularly interested in the travel sphere, we’ll show you how to answer advanced questions beyond the traditional model. For example, trends now show shopping and intelligence searches that ask questions such as “what island destinations can i fly to on the week of May 3 for less than $600?”, or “I need to travel to Montevideo for 6 days in April. When’s the best time for me to travel?”

Come get an overview, an onsite demo and talk with the Sabre Dev Studio team. We’ll be happy to chat with you. There’s tons of company wide Sabre events you don’t want to miss out on either – so plan on joining us and having a great time!

Berg-Hansen Hackathon, March 11-12. Oslo, Norway.

On March 11 – 12, Sabre will be participating in the Berg-Hansen Travel Agency Hackathon.  We’re excited about this hacakthon, because we love to see developers look to reinvent travel with next-gen travel applications. Joakim Everstin, Sabre’s Head of Innovation in EMEA, will be on site to answer questions about our open developer platform and our portfolio of APIs. We’re excited to see what solutions Norway can bring when given 24 hours to show their best stuff!

See You Soon!

We’re excited to meet you at both SXSW and The Berg-Hansen hack. Join us at both events to learn more about how Sabre’s technology is powering the travel realm. Our portfolio of REST and SOAP APIs enable developers to adopt solutions that can go beyond the traditional into ways that truly help reinvent the way we think of travel. We’re very excited to take part in both these events!

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