Recognizing Change and Penalty Fees



Shopping for airfare can be complicated, especially when it is not clear whether a fare is refundable, changeable, or with or without a penalty for any changes. Bargain Finder Max offers additional personalization and fare flexibility by specifying this information in the shopping response.

With Specify Max Penalty, travelers or agents booking on behalf of travelers can not only see whether a fare is refundable or changeable, but can also search and filter flights by fare flexibility.  For example, new optional parameters will provide the ability to exclude non-changeable/non-refundable fares and will filter fares with ‘no penalties’ and by maximum penalty amounts in the shopping and pricing results. Travelers can quickly search, filter and compare fare options to ensure they find the fare that is best for their preferences.

Specify Max Penalty is available in Bargain Finder Max version 1.9.2 for REST and SOAP. Enhancements include:

  1. Change fee and refund information in responses. This includes a new optional parameter to request change fee and refund information at shopping and pricing time.

Example Request (SOAP)

specify max pentalty1

Example Response (SOAP)

specify max pentalty2


  1. Filter flights by fare flexibility and maximum penalty amounts.

Example Request (SOAP)

specify max penalty-filter flights

Sample online travel agency request to search for fares which meet the criteria that is either changeable and the cost of such change is up to 100EUR or is refundable and the cost of such refund is up to 200EUR.


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