Managing Connection Times

by Natalia Paysse

long connection API

Whether you are tailoring your search for the time sensitive or price sensitive traveler, personalizing how much time is spent on the ground between flights just keeps getting better. Bargain Finder Max offers a ‘long connection’ search option. The Long Connection API (available in REST and SOAP) was recently enhanced to specify a minimum and maximum connection time per stop (up to 3 stops) for any origin and destination. Offering long connections is an opportunity to find lower fares. Plus, it’s a great way to introduce a day trip in a city, giving your customers options to explore.

Further definition of maximum time (in minutes)

SOAP Attribute:  <LongConnectTime Min=”720″ Max=”1200″ Enable=”true”/>

REST TPA_Extensions:  LongConnectTime.Enable, LongConnectTime.Min and LongConnectTime.Max

Applicability to up to 3 connection points for a given origin and destination

SOAP Attribute:  <LongConnectPoints Min=”2″ Max=”3″ />

REST TPA_Extensions:  LongConnectPoints.Min and LongConnectPoints.Max

Domestic itineraries (for travel within or between the United States, Canada, U.S. Virgin Island, and Puerto Rico or wholly within Mexico)


Here is one example of a long connection that is brought back with current enhancement:

1  QF  /AA    3032  S 01JUN W  DFW  LAX  0905  1030 763 0 /E
1  QF           94  S 01JUN W  LAX  MEL  2215  0700 388 0 /E
1  QF          494  S 03JUN F  MEL  SYD  2100  2225 73H 0 /E
1ADT   713.80    713.80
TOTAL FARE – GBP    713.80


Visit Sabre Dev Studio to learn more about this API, Bargain Finder Max or any of our other 150+ APIs.


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Natalia Paysse is a Senior Product Manager for Air Shopping at Sabre.

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