New Advanced Search Capabilities: Enhanced Alternate Date and Alternate Airport


Enhanced Alternate Date and Alternate Airport APIs

Bargain Finder Max is one of Sabre’s most robust Air Shopping solutions. This service searches the lowest available priced itineraries based upon a specific date in the live Sabre marketplace. It is available in both SOAP and REST. One of the advantages of using Bargain Finder Max is the wide range of user-specified criteria that can be applied to the search.

For example, you can search for specific days of the week, lengths of stay, and multiple date combinations. Our newest enhancements provide even more advanced capabilities via premium service add-ons to Bargain Finder Max.

Alternative Date, or calendar shopping, traditionally included the ability to search options one to three days before or after (+/-3) a specified travel date. Sabre has introduced Enhanced Alternative Date, an advanced calendar shopping capability which provides the ability to search and compare more low fares across even more dates. The enhancement will provide date flexibility of searching +/- 7 days for up to 225 date pair combinations. On top of this, you could receive up to 1,000 options across each date pairs. If you are flexible, you can input the earliest travel date or latest date, or even just the length of stay and shop across a six month calendar.

That’s a lot of options! It may be difficult to picture what that would look like, but below you can see how you can enable calendar shopping like Enhanced Alternative Date within your workflow:


This is a graphical representation of a +/- 3 search. An even larger calendar is possible with +/- 7 capabilities that have been launched with Alternative Date enhancement.


Alternate Airport another new premium service, works with Bargain Finder Max to enable smart comparison across airports, enabling the ability to compare prices for multiple destinations in a single shop. For example, you can search across 20 different origins or 20 different destinations to determine the best travel option. A good application for this service is planning a business meeting where your customer is deciding the best place for several executives to meet. In this example, you can search for airfare on behalf of four business executives from four different origins and compare across eight different destinations to see which location would be the best option for the business meeting.


Alternate Airport_multiple destinations



With expanded options for both calendar and airport search, you can offer customers a wide variety of flight options and give them the power to choose the options best for them in terms of date and airport. On your end, the gained efficiency from these services and quick comparison across travel options allows you to quickly advise your travelers based on exactly what their needs are.

To learn more about our premium Bargain Finder Max capabilities and our newest release check out the technical documentation posted on Sabre Dev Studio. To see a full example request and response schema for either service, visit the API Explorer.

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