Custom Travel Themes to Boost the Air Shopping Experience


Custom Theme API

Sabre’s travel themes have been an integral part of the travel insight engine, allowing our API users to filter and recommend destinations based on travel themes that represent popular destinations. For example, the Beach theme includes airports associated with beach destinations in the United States. A user can then filter air shopping results to only include destinations associated with the beach.

Sabre has been creating and refreshing themes for public use and we will continue to build and grow our themes. At our recent TTX conference in Dallas, TX, many of our customers asked for the ability to create and maintain their own private themes. Directly because of this feedback, our teams went to work. The Custom Theme API allows you to create your own private themes, map airports to those themes as you see fit, and then apply those themes to the APIs that use them. This fun customization allows you to create themes and airport mappings that are most applicable to your end-users.

For example, if you know that the end-user on your site is looking for weekend trips close to home and they are on the west coast, you can filter results to show only destinations that are in the west coast. You would just need to create a theme for West Coast and identify the airports you would want included. In another example, if you have corporate end-users looking for meeting locations, you can create a theme that includes good destinations for meetings and conventions. You can map airports to the Meeting theme according to research you have done or user-generated data. The API can then be used in conjunction with either Destination Finder API or Top Destinations API to bring back results.

To create and maintain your custom themes, we recommend first taking a look at our current Sabre themes via the Travel Theme Lookup and Theme Airport Lookup APIs. Here you can look up the existing theme names and the airports that are maintained for each theme. You can then decide to create unique themes or overwrite the Sabre themes on your PCC. A word of caution – we strongly suggest that you do not modify a Sabre theme and that you create unique names for your custom themes. Once a Sabre theme is modified, any updates to that theme will no longer be inherited, and it is entirely up to you to manually maintain that theme.

Check out the quick video below where I demonstrate the Custom Theme API. Also, our technical documentation will have many more details on how you can use this API.



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