Enhanced merchandising capabilities through branded fares

by Becky Tatum

Branded Fares

Our air shopping and pricing API capabilities now include branded fares enhancements. The new branded fares utilizes ATPCO industry technology standards to shop, compare and sell bundled airfares in the Sabre travel marketplace and offer the best value to travelers.

You can now use the same air pricing and shopping APIs that you are already familiar with to provide the ability to easily shop and book the airlines’ branded fares.  In order to be able to display specific brand attributes in your application, a new GetMarketingText API is also available which provides similar marketing data displayed on an airlines website. Take a look at an overview of the enhancements below.

The enhanced shopping functionality includes the ability to identify a fare as “branded” in the itinerary options with new optional parameters to search for and return single and multiple brands. These enhancements apply to the following air shopping APIs:

  • BargainFinderMax (SOAP and REST)
  • BargainFinderMax_SAPT (SOAP)
  • BargainFinderMax_AD (SOAP and REST) *single brand only
  • Basic Fare Shop (SOAP)

The OTA_AirPrice (SOAP) air pricing API includes a new optional parameter to price by brand ID that allows you to upsell to a higher brand when the same booking class is used for multiple brands.

The new GetMarketingText (SOAP) brand attribute API will enable you to communicate and market the airlines brand attributes in your application in your desired format.

Sign in or register on Sabre Dev Studio to check out the details of these enhanced merchandising capabilities and begin offering to your customers today.

About Becky Tatum

Becky Tatum is the Senior Principal, Product Marketing Manager for Branded Fares at Sabre.

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