It’s All History: Low Fare History – New REST API for Finding Affordable Flights


Low Fare History REST API

Low Fare History is the newest API to join the air shopping REST portfolio. As an intelligence service, Low Fare History provides a peak into the lead fares of a given city-pair for the past 14 days.

For example, the API can help answer:

“How were fares trending for DFW to Barcelona in the past 2 weeks?”

“Are fares from Atlanta to Los Angeles increasing?”

“Are fares beginning to trend down so that I can make my purchase soon?”

Historical lead fares can be incredibly valuable for travel agencies, both online and offline. The data can provide context as to where the flight fares have been and how they are trending. Online travel agencies can incorporate the API into their existing workflows by providing graphical trending or even an indicator if fares have been increasing or decreasing over time.

Travelers can then use this information to gain understanding of where fares have been and make purchase decisions accordingly. The more context the traveler has, the more incentive they have to purchase a fare.

Low Fare History


Check out the technical documentation for a complete view of the capabilities of this API and example use cases. Also, take a look at the video to see examples of what a request and response would look like with this API.

2 thoughts on “It’s All History: Low Fare History – New REST API for Finding Affordable Flights”

  1. Junaid says:

    Hi Aditi I am using test key to use APIs. Do i need production key for the real data? and if so how can i get that. Please help . Thanks.

  2. Aditi says:

    Hi Junaid, the test key will give you access to a subset of the city-pairs that are available in the Travel Insight Engine. For production access, please fill out this form: One of our representatives will be in contact with you.

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