Sabre Dev Studio celebrates a milestone – so what’s next?


Dev Studio 1-year anniversary

It’s our birthday! Well, in a way. This week marks one year since we launched Sabre Dev Studio. We have had APIs for more than a decade and have provided products to some of the most successful travel companies in the world for multiple decades. But one year ago, we opened up our platform and introduced a number of new APIs, tools and resources to support developers in building the next big travel application.

So far, it has been an exciting adventure with the many activities and accomplishments we got to share with all of you. In this past year, we launched over a dozen new APIs, drove billions of transactions and witnessed a number of new companies launch their products.

What’s next? We’ve got a lot planned for this year and beyond. Here’s what you should expect to see through the rest of this year.

New APIs

We will continue to expand our portfolio of APIs, both new services and enhancements to current ones. Soon we will be introducing a number of utility APIs that are really meant to assist you in your development efforts. Things like being able to decode airline or aircraft equipment codes. We are also growing our REST portfolio including REST-enabling existing services and introducing completely new ones. Look out for those soon!

Additional resources

A big focus for this year is to provide additional resources for developers. Anticipate being able to get more insight into things like reporting for your API consumption and added open source prototypes in our Demo Gallery. Plus, we are working on code libraries with sample workflows for both REST and SOAP in multiple programming languages.

Continued site enhancements

One of the highlights for site enhancements is continuing to improve the search functionality on Dev Studio and hopefully you have seen some of those changes. We know how important it is to be able to find what you are looking for quickly and are hard at work to make that a great experience. Along with that, we have several projects in the works to enhance documentation, especially around best practices and getting started guides.

This is only a glimpse of what is coming this year. Beyond that we will continue to make sure you have the right services, tools and resources –everything you need to reinvent travel in your own unique way.


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