What’s in your bag?

by Diane Dunigan

Bargain Finder Max- baggage allowance

We continue to introduce new capabilities for Bargain Finder Max. The latest update is the introduction of baggage allowance. The new baggage allowance information includes the number of bags (pieces) allowed (from 0 to 99) and weight limitations and is denoted in new response elements.

Here are the response elements containing the baggage allowance detail:

REST TPA_Extension: BaggageInformationList

SOAP Attribute: <BaggageInformationList>

Example response (SOAP): Combination of weight and piece baggage allowance on single flight segment.


        <Segment Id="0"/>

        <Allowance Pieces="1"/>

        <Segment Id="0"/>

        <Allowance Weight="30" Unit=”kg”/>

Baggage Allowance Example


Bargain Finder Max, our advanced air shopping API, is available in both REST and SOAP technologies. If you are not currently using Bargain Finder Max, reach out to your Sabre account representative for details or contact us through the site to find out how you can get started!


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