Use Cases for Online Travel Companies: Integrate New Travel Insight Engine APIs in Your Current Workflow


Use-Case: Integrate New Travel Insight Engine APIs

Sabre’s travel insight engine is a unique opportunity for online travel companies to create new applications that provide an extra “umph” to customers. The travel insight engine is a cache platform that allows sub-second response times for air shopping data 192 days into the future, 1 to 17 days length of stay, and 1,000s of city-pairs. By using these APIs in new and creative applications, you can keep travelers on your site longer, encourage repeat visits, and in the end, book travel.

It is never easy to recreate the user experience and there are many ways to incorporate these services into your site. For some inspiration, we’ve put together a few examples of how our REST APIs can be incorporated seamlessly and provide value to travelers, complimenting existing shopping workflows.

Lead Price Calendar
Lead Price Calendar provides the lowest fares for the next 6 months based on an origin, destination, and length of stay. The API allows travelers to see where the fares fall on different travel dates and make decisions accordingly. Below, you can see a graphical representation of that data. The added visual above the flight results allow travelers to quickly explore fares across a 6-month calendar and find the best deal for their schedule.

Lead Price Calendar API Example


InstaFlights Search
InstaFlights Search brings back up to 300 of the cheapest options for a given origin, destination, and travel dates – with instant sub second response times. The advantage with this API is that you can begin populating results immediately while continuously looking for and updating options in the background, complementing existing native search results. Many online travel sites currently display a “searching” or “please wait” type screen as fare options are populating. InstaFlights Search is a great option to get rid of that screen and present real options, real quick.

InstaFlights Search API Example


Advanced Calendar Search
Advanced Calendar Search combines the capabilities of Lead Price Calendar and InstaFlights Search by providing 200 options across a 6-month calendar, but also allows you to search across several parameters in just one API call like Preferred and Non Preferred Airlines, departure Weekdays, Length of Stay ranges, etc. Online travel companies cannot only use this API to provide a more robust search, but can also use it as a marketing communications tool. In the example below, Advanced Calendar Search was incorporated into the landing page to show how the traveler can save money by flying a few weeks later, preserving travelers flight preferences such as airlines based on selection.

Advanced Calendar API Example


Fare Range API
Fare Range provides the high, median, and lowest fares that were ticketed in the past 4 weeks for a specific origin and destination. The range can be a powerful informational tool for travelers. For example, you can encourage purchase behavior if the current fare is lower than what people are paying for on average. Below, you can see how seamlessly Fare Range data can be used as a marketing or sales tactic.

Fare Range API Example


With our large portfolio of inspirational and search-based APIs, the options are endless. The use cases aren’t just limited to what you see here. We will continue to blog examples and post demos on Sabre Dev Studio for not only OTAs, but also TMC customers, Red App Developers, and more. Stay tuned for more examples on how you can start using these services today.

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