Exactly What Low Fare Option Do Travelers Want to Buy? Are You Tailoring Your Search?

by Diane Dunigan

Tailoring your search

The quest to find the best fare may not always mean the ‘lowest’ fare in the market. While low fare is definitely a key factor, there are many additional factors defining what is important to the traveler (e.g. travel time, non-stop, carrier, fare restrictions, etc.).

What if you could make the quest to find the best mix of low fare options even better? What if you could tailor your search to offer more attractive choices?

Tailoring your search based on who is asking can be challenging, especially when you want to offer common search elements. When asked what search parameter to use when shopping for the best fares, my first response is, what are you trying to accomplish and who is asking? The answer differs depending on traveler need and what you want to offer.

Here are my top picks for getting the most from low fare search responses beyond just the lowest fare. If you are using Bargain Finder Max, our advanced air shopping API available in both technologies (REST and SOAP), fantastic! If not, reach out to your Sabre account representative for details or contact us through the site to find out how you can and get started.

Top Pick 1 – Multiple Fares Per Itinerary

Use this search option when you want to compare multiple prices for an itinerary. A few examples include offering the price per cabin or offering prices with and without restrictions for change which caters to those who want less restrictive pricing.

REST TPA_Extensions:  FlexibleFares

SOAP Attribute:  <FlexibleFares>

Top Pick 2 – Long Connection

Have a traveler wanting to spend more time in a city for a day trip? Use this search option to build trips with up to 23 hours and 59 minutes for a connection. The standard allowance for connection is 4 hours for domestic and 13 hours for international gateway – get creative and offer a city tour as an add-on.

REST TPA_Extensions:  LongConnectTime.Enable and LongConnectTime.Min

SOAP Attribute:  <LongConnectTime Min=”480″ Enable=”true”/>

Top Pick 3 – More non-stops

For the time sensitive traveler willing to pay a bit extra to fly non-stop versus connecting, add more non-stops to the mix. In addition to your options today, receive more non-stops added to the results.

REST TPA_Extensions:  DiversityParameters.AdditionalNonStopsNumber or DiversityParameters.AdditionalNonStopsPercentage

SOAP Attribute:  <DiversityParameters AdditionalNonStopsNumber=”9″ or AdditionalNonStopsPercentage=”10″>

Top Pick 4 – Alternate Airports

Offer different price options to nearby airports or even better, offer different price comparisons to not so nearby destinations. For example, if a traveler wants to travel to a major city in Europe but not sure where to start with comparing prices, use the alternate airport search compare up to 5 different airports such as Paris, London, Rome, Madrid and Istanbul.

REST TPA_Extensions:  SisterOriginLocation.LocationCode and SisterDestinationLocationCode

SOAP Attribute:  <SisterOriginLocation LocationCode=”XXX”/> and <SisterDestinationLocation LocationCode=”YYY”/>

We have many more options to tailor your search. Check out the latest customization opportunities with Bargain Finder Max and start getting your customers buying exactly what flight option works ‘best’ for them!

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Diane Dunigan is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Air Shopping at Sabre. Follow her on Twitter @dianedunigan

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