Teams Build Travel Apps at AccelerateSF Hackathon


Recently we were in San Francisco participating in the Developer Week AccelerateSF Hackathon. We joined 34 other sponsors and nearly 500 developers at The Village, an event/co-working space, for the event. Each of the over 130 teams conceived projects to compete in one of the 30 sponsor challenges; the winners collected prizes ranging from Google Chrome books to lots of cash.

Our challenge centered around the best use of the Sabre Dev Studio REST APIs. Multiple teams worked with the APIs to include it into in their applications.

The winner of the challenge, MappedLink, is a team of three developers based in the Bay area. Their application used the InstaFlights Search API to demonstrate how a user could scan a map with the camera on a smartphone and pull air itinerary information for the locations on the map.

MappedLink Team
MappedLink Team (winners of Sabre Dev Studio challenge)
Pictured from left to right, Nic Meliones, Darren Henley (that’s me in the back row), Julia Zhu and Jerry Tung. 


The “Measle.Me” team didn’t fully integrate usage of the APIs, but their intended plan was to use the InstaFlights Search API coupled with disease outbreak heatmaps to create a travel advisory.

Measle.Me Team
Measle.Me team


The “Get Me Out of Here” team used the Instaflights Search API to create an app to find the cheapest international itinerary for departures the next day.

Get Me Out of Here Team
Get Me Out of Here team


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