Advanced Calendar Search API – Simplifying Complex Searches


Advanced Calendar Search is a powerful API that allows you to shop across a six month calendar and specify more complex queries such as broad departure and arrival windows and multiple lengths of stay – all in one API call and at sub-second response times.

Imagine you are a traveler planning a trip for you and a friend. You are thinking of visiting Miami in the next month or two and are flexible based on airfare. You hope to leave either Thursday night or Friday morning and return on a Sunday night or Monday morning. Should you go for 3 or 4 days to maximize your time? Are there specific carriers you would prefer and those that you would like to avoid?

How would you go about this search typically? It’s kind of a doozey, requiring most of us to visit 20 sites, punch in the different options one at a time, and weigh them against each other separately. It would be a tedious task because most of the time you cannot input all of your travel preferences at once.

How can you solve this problem for the typical traveler?

Sabre’s newest REST API, Advanced Calendar Search uses the travel insight engine to search across several parameters quickly and broadly. For example, you can use several combinations of qualifiers in the search to limit options based on certain carriers, evaluate multiple lengths of stay, and also input maximum number of stops.

Check out the technical documentation for a full understanding of what all this API can do and take a look at the video to see some use cases that will give you a better idea of how you can use Advanced Calendar and why it may be useful to your travelers.


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