How Will You Reinvent Travel?

by Julian Macagno

How will you reinvent travel?

In the past it has been challenging to invent in the travel space. We want to change that. The expectation in today’s tech world is to have an open developer platform that has the right services, is easy to use and gives immediate access. This is where Sabre Dev Studio came to life. It was about finding new types of services we can expose, taking advantage of modern technologies and creating a developer experience that can be put up against the best in the tech industry. Have we completely solved all those things? Not yet. But it’s our mission, one day at a time.

At Sabre, we provide services to thousands of travel companies, hotel properties and airlines from around the world. At peak times, we process more than 99,000 requests every time your heart beats! Working with companies across the entire travel industry, across every time zone in the world, and processing an extraordinary amount of data, gives us an exciting challenge.

It means we have to provide you the right services, tools and resources to make your idea come to life.

For those of you building a B2B or B2C app or website that has a travel component, follow these steps to get started.

  1. Read docs and watch demos: We group our APIs by technology (REST and SOAP), by category (Air, Hotel, Ground Transportation) and down to the function (search, book, etc.). Take a moment to read the technical docs. Then check out the Demo Gallery to see a few examples of what you could build using some of our APIs. There you will find short videos, web apps in production and source code.
  2. Test: Register on the site for access to test some of the APIs. For now you will notice it is just for the REST APIs, but keep checking back as we work on expanding that to additional services. We can set you up access to other services if you contact us. Go to the API Explorer to try out a few of the APIs or use your own client app. Remember, it’s a sandbox so you will only see a subset of the city pairs and data that is refreshed less frequently than the production environment.
  3. Build & Launch: Once you are ready for production access, simply send us a note through the site. While you are building your app take advantage of additional resources like sample code hosted on GitHub or the questions posted on Programmable Web using the Sabre tag.

If you are an airline, log in to see your services. For our hotel customers, stay tuned for your services making their way to Sabre Dev Studio. Know that we are working behind the scenes to ensure you have the necessary resources and tools for your development efforts.

Where will the travel industry go next? This is your chance to define that. Get started today and see how you can reinvent travel with Sabre Dev Studio.

About Julian Macagno

Julian Macagno is the Director of Developer Experience at Sabre. Follow him on Twitter @jmacagno.

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  1. The paradigm has to be to learn more about the traveler – not about the means or destination. “Man is the measure of all things” Protagoras.

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