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by David Cheese


Delivering on our promise to provide more robust hotel content and capabilities, the Sabre Hotel team is releasing new APIs this year, beginning with eight this month. The base APIs in the initial release will provide visual content, descriptive content, and the ability to obtain a list of hotels by location.  Descriptive and visual content is available independently or combined through an orchestrated service. All new APIs are stateless and available in both SOAP/XML and REST/JSON. The new services include:

GeoSearchRQ* – Requestor submits a location identifier (such as geo code, airport code, address, point of interest) and distance radius and obtains a list of nearby hotels plus distance from each. (Available in both SOAP and REST).

GetHotelMediaRQ – Requestor submits Sabre Hotel ID(s) and a list of required visual content parameters and obtains all visual content for the requested hotels, up to 50. (Available in both SOAP and REST).

GetHotelImageRQ – Requestor submits list of Sabre Hotel ID(s) and obtains a single (leading) image for the requested hotels, up to 1000. (Available in both SOAP and REST).

GetHotelDescriptiveInfoRQ* – Requestor submits Sabre Hotel ID(s) and a list of required content parameters and obtains the property descriptive content for the requested hotels. (Available in both SOAP and REST).

GetHotelContentRQ* – Requestor submits a list of specific Sabre Hotel ID(s) and a list of required descriptive and visual content parameters and obtains the requested content for the hotels, up to 50. (Available in both SOAP and REST).

GetHotelContentChangeRQ – Requestor submits content update request with from and to dates and obtains list of hotels who have updated their descriptive content (Available in both SOAP and REST)

GetHotelChainInfoRQ – Requestor submits request for Hotel Marketer / Chain Codes and obtains complete list (Available in both SOAP and REST)

GetHotelListRQ – Requestor submits a request with specific criteria, amenities, etc and receives a list of matching hotels

*SOAP version available now, REST available in Cert October 5 and Prod October 13th

Hotel Content APIs

The new Sabre Hotel content APIs can be used to identify and return hotels and their descriptive and visual content in different ways.

The GetHotelContent API accepts up to 50 Sabre Hotel IDs in a single request along with the content parameters in the request detailing what hotel details is required.

These include PropertyInfo, LocationInfo, Amenities, Descriptions (ShortDescription, Alerts, Dining, Facilities, Recreation, Services, Attractions, CancellationPolicy, DepositPolicy, Directions, Policies, SafetyInfo, TransportationInfo), Airports and AcceptedCreditCards.  The final section of the request enables the size, count and categories of the hotel images which are required in the response.

Using this API, both Hotel descriptive and visual content can be retrieved for up to 50 hotels in a single request or most likely, creating a complete hotel content view for a single property.

A sample request is shown below.

If visual content is required without descriptive content, use the GetHotelMedia or GetHotelImage API to return all of the visual content for the hotel in Sabre’s Visual Content Platform.  For accessing multiple/all images content in up to 50 Sabre Hotel IDs, use GetHotelMedia or for a single image per hotel in up to 300 Sabre Hotels, use GetHotelImage. A sample request for GetHotelMedia is shown below.

Hotel Location APIs

Use the new GeoSearch API to resolve a location from five different types and identify Hotels or Car Locations nearby. Place Name, IATA Airport Codes, Address, Point of Interest, and Geocode using Latitude and Longitudes can be used. Responses use a radius search which can be configured in the request using a defined distance and unit of measure (miles or kilometres).

Address Searching:

Point of Interest Searching


Geocode Searching:

AirportCode Searching:

Or use the Geo Autocomplete API to construct a list of location predictions for text-based geographic search queries.

Additional Hotel Utility APIs

In addition, two new Utility APIs are available enabling clients to retrieve specific type of content and which can be used in conjunction with existing Sabre Hotel services.  The GetHotelChainInfo API returns a hierarchy of all supported Sabre Hotel Chain Codes, and the GetHotelContentChange API can be used to identify which hotels have updated their descriptive content during a given 2 week period.  This is likely to be particularly useful to clients who store Sabre’s Hotel Descriptive content within their own content database.

All APIs are available in both SOAP/XML and REST/JSON protocols.

About David Cheese

David is a Principal Product Marketing Manager with over 25 years experience in the travel industry, including 15 in Product Marketing with Sabre. He has an MBA in Marketing and a passion for travel, home improvements, and classic cars.

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